Coyote Tale

Coyote is the protagonist of a numbe of Native American tales which vary from culture to culture. In some stories he is the Creator, in some a hero or messenger, in others a trickster not unlike Raven. In Zuni legend, Coyote and Eagle go hunting together. But it is too dark. When they come to a river, Coyote nearly drowns while Eagle soars across. Eventually they come to a village where the kachina spirits keep light, for whenever they need it. Coyote and Eagle borrow the box of light and go hunting. Soon curious Coyote opens the box. The moon and sun escape taking with them the light and warmth. And that's how Winter began. The Coyote Tale blanket, centered with a coyote mask and surrounded by eagle feathers captures the heart of the tale.


Full size 64" x 80" $240.00

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