Works by Daniel Chattin

Corn Maiden Pendants

Corn Maiden pendant from conch shell CM-2

2-1/2" high $70.00 SOLD

Corn Maiden pendant from pink conch shell CM-4

2-1/8" high $75.00 SOLD

Corn Maiden pendant from lepidolite

1-3/4" high $60.00


Daniel Chattin, husband of Jovanna Poblano and son-in-law of Veronica Poblano, is a master fetish carver. Daniel's best known works are his corn maidens, fashioned out of many different stones and shell. Together Daniel and Jovanna make gorgeous necklaces adorned with a corn maiden pendant made by Daniel. This husband and wife team are award-winning artists, part of a family of award-winning artists. Their works have also been exhibited in numerous museum shows including the now famous "Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation."


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