Navajo Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold Inlay Jewelry

For over a century Navajo silversmiths have been making jewelry for themselves and for sale. They have perfected the art of silversmithing and taken their craft to new levels of achievement. They have added lapidary skills and adorn their silver (and now also gold) with beautiful stones of turquoise, coral, jade, tiger's eye, jasper, lapis, varisite, sugilite and rodonite. Their skill with inlay is remarkable.

In New Mexico a group of Navajo silversmiths, known as Supersmiths, are working together to produce some of the finest sterling silver and 14 karat gold inlay necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. They cast the silver or gold and then do the delicate inlay work by hand. This jewelry comes in several stone combinations which are displayed on the linked pages. These inlay pieces are available in standard flat inlay as well as raised cobbled inlay. Special pieces are also available with Australian Opal or Turquoise from the Carico Lake Mine in Nevada.

Following are examples of the various styles available. Some are in stock for immediate shipment, and all are available on order. We can provide any style shown in any of the stone combinations. All items are available in sterling silver, and many are available in 14 karat gold. Each piece is unique. When you order a ring in any of the stone combinations, the stones used will be those described for that color combination, but the layout of the stones will always vary from piece to piece. Allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery on items not in stock. There is a $10.00 charge for shipping and insurance. For cobbled inlay there is a 20% surcharge.

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 Style R-118

 Style R-021

 Style 101




Style R-148

Style R-160

Style -149R

Style R-103

Style R-104

Style R-115




Pendant - 241

Pendant - 259

Pendant - 260




 Bracelet - 234

 Bracelet - 030

 Necklace - 150




 Pendant - 514

 Pendant - 519

 Necklace - 160


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