Pendleton Tribute Series

Pendleton was one of five major mills that produced beautiful, geometric patterned blankets during the "golden age" of the trade blanket in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The blankets were originally made for sale and tradde to Native Americans. Inspired by authentic Indian designs the were ojects of prestige for tribal members. Later they also became popular among Americans throughout the country. This collection pays tribute to the no longer operating mills with patterns based on those produced in the early 20th century.

J. Capps and Sons of Jacksonville, Illinois received an advertising testimonial from Buffalo Bill Cody. Capps was the first mill to capitalize on the Indian trade producing blankets in the late 1800s. This blanket is based on an original design circa 1910.
Oregon City Woolen Mills was known for its neon colors and unique images. They were Pendleton's biggest competitor in that early era, producing blankets for more than 30 years. This "Happy Hunting Ground" pattern was one of the mill's popular pictorial blankets.
Buell Manufacturing Company made blankets that were distinctly Navajo in design, and they were more directly related to traditional Native American Weavings. This re-created pattern was orginally called "Aztec."
Blankets from Racine Woolen Mills in Wisconsin were notable for their excellent quality. They also produced fringed blankets, also called shawls, that were worn primarily by Native American women.

Tribute blankets are 64" x 72" and priced $240.00

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